Nike Free Run Trail - Hyperlocal Berlin


The Nike Free was one of the most revolutionary performance innovations of the 21st century. Making its first appearance in 2006, the Free Trail emerged as a more robust version for the outdoors, made for blazing trails.

Now the Free Trail is back to blaze a trail on the streets. Created for and inspired by Berlin's sneaker community, the Free Trail 'Berlin' has been designed to adapt to everything the city throws at them.

The Nike Free Trail 'Hyperlocal Berlin' combines airy mesh with soft suede, creating a lightweight shoe with a sleek silhouette, while a foam midsole provides unbelievable comfort.

And when light hits the upper, a hidden gem is revealed that honours the city and the kiez that provide Berlin with a charm and character all of its own.

The insole, sockliner, laces and pull-on loop all pay tribute to Berlin's standing as one of the greenest cities in Europe, with more parks, gardens and forested areas than any other European city.

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We ask our friends to give us an insight about their Berlin Districts (Kiez). Together with them we created a 5 track compilation to support the artists of our community in synchrony with the release of the Nike Free Run Trail Hyperlocal Berlin.

This compilation serves as an elixir synthesized with some of the musical forces driving the nightlife in the newer front of Berlin.

Every purchase comes with a free download of the compilation, which you can also purchase separately if you wish via Bandcamp.

Every sneaker sale gives our artist pool a 10€ donation to keep them going and every individual sale of the compilation goes directly to the collective. Enjoy the summer!


I find a lot of strength in community and finding beauty in the everyday ordinary. That is why I love Schöneberg, the area I most frequently find myself strolling my thoughts in introversion. My producing studio and apartment is located right where Kreuzberg ends and Schöneberg begins. This neighborhood’s genuine approach to living, it’s non-pretentiousness, makes it a place to go to for artists and well centered creatives along with anybody seeking beautiful streets, cheeky restaurants and a long tradition of counter culture.


Like many, when I first arrived in Berlin, I landed in this vibrant, sometimes hectic district. Don’t let the rough look of it fool you, this turmoil of a Bezirk is ever flowing with true diversity and community. Whenever I want to reassure to myself of how many ways of life can intersect one another in symbiosis I only need to set foot outside my building and look around. Also the food here is unbelievable.


A lot of the inspiration we take for making music comes from the effortless interactions with our chosen family in the face of nature. In this regard we are blessed by being in a city surrounded by beautiful lakes and super cute forrest areas to be our playgrounds. We are particularly fond of the long system of aquatic bodies located in the south eastern outskirts of Berlin.

Roza Terenzi

Kreuzberg: The canal, sreet markets, my community of fellow artists, endless green areas. What else can I say! And the cherry on top is being able to support our closest friends organizing delicious food weekends like Ma-Makan in the beautiful Lausitzer Platz.


City centers are particularly special, not only as centers of cultural gravity but acting also as liminal spaces of ever transitioning sounds, images and conversations. I love the bridges, shops, and events that naturally occur in the geographical vortex of Berlin.